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"the eco-savvy spa that comes to you"

taking time for yourself


As the snow slows, temperature rises and plants come to life; it dawns on me that summer is on the horizon!  I personally feel no rush to get there because i've come to realize just how fast life zooms by.  If I were to wish it here already then I would be missing out on taking in and enjoying the process of getting there ❤  

Spring time is great!  A spectacular season 
living here in Beautiful British Columbia Canada; there is just so much to take in!  

Grounding walks through the forests, a hike up the mountain. Swimming in lakes & rivers (if your brave enough to let your body get used to the temperature)- I've seen many peeps jumping in the glacial rivers; company included, mind you in the middle of summers: then just laying on a towel in the sun. "how 'bout with suncreen? ...
do you wear it? ... I enjoy the full sun in moderation however hang out in the shade & keep a sun block on when outside for more than 30min direct sunlight to avoid over exposure to UV'S 

A day on the open water is always nice. 

Every Kayak, canoe of row?
Of course power boating is a blast too! 

What are you getting up to now that the days are getting longer and the skies getting warmer? 

Keep fit, keep moving, stay healthy and have fun! 

Happy Spring! 



Congratulations to all the Vancouver Sun Runners and good luck to those running the Vancouver Marathon.  Be look'n for you at the finish line ~

*** live or know anyone that does, in Vancouver BC Canada running a marathon?  In town for the event?... call soulful Indulgence with mention of this post and receive a special package price for a 60 minute Warming SportsMassage & Revitalizing Foot Ritual 

A Canadian glacial clay; thelasotherapy foot treatment that brings back to life sore, tired feet.   Begin with a purifying foot detox soak, exfoliation & fabulous feet callus smoothing, followed by an indulgent foot & lower leg massage to relax, increase circulation, muscle oxygenation, and flexibility.  Fantastic for those hard on their feet and those with excess callus. (no polish application- add for only $10) and then a full 60 minute Warming Sports Massage: all for only $150 tax included; delivered right to you! 

 Call to or e-mail to make your    reservation today ~ 604-542-8988     
*gift certificates available & you can order online*

Why So Tired?

Some reasons why you might be feeling like hatching a couch more than you need too and quick tips to help resolve the problem to keep you refreshed and on your game.

1) Distress. ~ persistent stress that is not being managed.  *** TIP *** get out of your head and do some exercise!

2) Dehydration ~ not enough fluid in the cells *** TIP *** drink more clean, fresh water!

3) Electronics ~ stimulating your brain late at night keeping you up? Perhaps it's just the electronic waves disrupting your sleep pattern  *** TIP *** Keep electronics out of your 1 hour before bedtime, evening ritual.

4) Body Strained and out of balance *** TIP ***  Get a massage or some alternative therapy such as chiropractics and acupuncture to put your system back in line.

5) Toxic liver making you sluggish? *** TIP *** try a detoxifying cleanse along with a body wrap every season and eat "real"  whole foods.

6) Vitamin C deficiency can be loading your body up with too many free radicals. *** TIP *** Get more antioxidant power by loading up with high grade supplement; good luck trying to get enough vitamin C in food alone... our soils are pretty depleted; you can do it, you just might need to consume a truck load of oranges per day.Try these excellent supplements 

7) Low on Magnesium? an essential electrolyte responsible for activating all muscles in the body *** TIP *** have an epson salt bath.  Not only with this help absorb this pain relieving mineral transdermally, but you will also benefit from the stress reduction of a calming bath. Make sure you use 2-3 cups of salts per soak.

8) Too much exercise? too much before bed can result in elevated adrenalin; keeping you awake *** TIP *** always make sure to get your exercise; just not so much right before bed and know your limits.  Let your body repair between workouts. The body is meant to be moving. Not enough exercise will cause a lack of release of endorphins and neurotransmitters that help regulate sleep

9) Thryroid problem?  *** TIP *** keep yourself checked up at the doctors

10) Inconsistent wake can leave you feeling run down *** TIP *** try your best to wake up at the same time every day to get your body in a good rhythm. 

okay, now your set!... now WAKE UP!

Time for a Massage?

Feeling sick and tired? maybe it's time to give back to yourself with a professional massage treatment.  Some benefits you'll enjoy:   

promotes circulation,
aids in flushing toxins from the body,
helps maintain body balance and movement.

promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being,
enhances flexibility, muscle tone and range of motion,
aids inactive muscles,
and it helps prevent injury

Get some natural oils, add some of your favourite essential oils (follow recipe guidelines) and grab a friend. Try swapping services. Let each other know how it feels and check in with their comfort level; ensuring they stay warm is important. So use nice plush blankets and clean sheets washed in eco-friendly detergent and turn up the heat a touch.  Relax and enjoy.  Problem is... who's gonna go first?? lol.. If you think it's better someone else does the massage for you; book a Soulful Indulgence couples massage delivered to your house or hotel.  A truly exquisite spa experience you'll want to do over and over again.

Welcome September?!


IMG 2097September has arrived!

I remember thinking how quickly the end of July came up on my calendar and before I knew it I was turning the page briefly into August and breezed over to September!... Wow!, what a ride.

Summer 2010 has been a summer of capturing the heat of summer whenever possible, reconnecting with self, being with friends and family, getting a good dose of vitamin D captured safely when ever possible;naturally through the skin to help build the immune system. Moments of laughing, playing and relaxation but never really slowing down!  Now the kids are back at school, the vacation times used up, the days are getting shorter and the cold and flu bugs are on attack and no one is slowing down. I hear from all my retired friends how they are busier now than they every were working!  It appears that as time continues to go on, we grow with the massive, expansive, universal time and time just keeps going on... faster and faster..   It is up to us to capture the moments of experience that make us feel connected to the greatest parts of life, ourselves and the present moment.  It is now time to de-stress, give back to and strengthen your body by giving it the gift of nourishment and a time out so you may experience moments of relaxation, health, peace and serenity for a healthy mind, body connection amongst all the hustle of of the world we have created. It's all about wellness this decade around. Change is eminent; it's what we do along the way that matters!

Wellness is this vital balance and it is never too late to start taking care!
As we go into fall and a whole new cycle; remember to take some time for yourself; if even for a moment!

Fully dedicated to your health and wellbeing
delivering quality health, wellness and spa services to you when you need it most!


Pedicure and Manicure 80min | $85 | $65 in-studio * includes take home nail kit and a free upgrade of the fabulous feet callus removal system that will leave you with the softest heals in the city!!! 

Body Scrub & Massage 70min | $115 | $85 in-studio * have those knots worked out while skin is left smooth , detoxed & hydrated!  

Purifying Facial Treatment 70min | $105 | $80 in-studio * SPECIAL * bet upgraded anti-aging hand treatment and polish application.